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 Doom's poem #1

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Angel's Bitch

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Doom's poem #1 Empty
PostSubject: Doom's poem #1   Doom's poem #1 EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 9:50 am

Moonlit Sky

Here I sit, under the moonlit sky
A picture in my hand of you and I
This memory seems so far away
I still adore him anyway

Under the moonlit sky, He walks by
A cheerful smile spread across his face
He looked at my hand, and saw the picture
Thats when my heart began to race

A small blush flushed across his cheeks
Everything seemed to fall into place
He leaned in close, and looked into my eyes
Thats when he kissed me under the moonlit skies ♥️

(Crappy poem huh? =P)

Doom's poem #1 Kiryu_Zero_by_Loanne13-1
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angel of music wrote:
Doomie is meh bitch. I can kiss her when i want!

ZiggyBoy wrote:
doom is the definition of ADD

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:O Copywrite!

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Doom's poem #1
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